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Jieyang video equipment to tell you three foot classification

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Jieyang video equipment to tell you three foot classification

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 Tripod according to the material classification can be classified as wood, high-strength plastic material, alloy materials, iron and steel materials, volcanic rock and carbon fiber.

The most common material is aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy material has the advantages of tripod is light weight, strong. The latest tripod use carbon fiber material manufacturing. It has the toughness and the weight of aluminum alloy is better than the advantages of lighter, often carrying a tripod to take pictures for the weight of the tripod are very seriously, in the hope that it will be the more light the better. Three tripod manufacturers.

According to the maximum foot pipe diameter are classified to 32mm, 28mm, 25mm, 22mm, etc., generally speaking, the tube feet more, tripod bearing more and greater stability.

According to the pin number for 3, 4, 5 day, general situation is, foot pipe section number less, tripod stability is better, instead, the number of sections in the tripod less less portable.

According to the purpose of the classification can be divided into products for shooting, shooting portraits, landscapes, etc. tripod etc..

2009 photolink treasure in the 12th Beijing photographic equipment and Technology Expo launched C-4I series color tripod. This series of tripod color delicate scratch resistant, won the majority of photographers, especially female photography enthusiasts of all ages. Then the three foot the emergence of a new classification, which are the tripod. Different tripod brand and different consumers on the tripod classification are different, so tripod categorized in many different ways, other classification and according to the bearing points, according to the weight, according to the professional level classification.


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